Car accidents

Accidents like car collision have caused millions of people losing their lives every year worldwide. 1.25 million Car accidents related deaths per year according WHO 2015 reports. Over 37,000 people die in road crashes each year in U.S. An additional 2.35 million are injured or disabled. Road crashes cost the U.S. $230.6 billion per year, or an average of $820 per person according to Annual Global Road Crash Statistics. Even though our government has tried to implement all different kinds of laws and regulations for people to follow, the result has not been very applauding. Moreover, this kind of disaster has no any advance information tested before until it occurs suddenly.  Fortunately, a personal birth factors such as birth time, birthplace and the name contain a lot of hidden information (soft life), especially car accidents according to the new subject of softlifelogy theory.

100 cases of death and 17 non-fatal (CK) by car accident were analyzed by our newly developed six pillars of softlifelogy. The results showed that the high correlation is measured between a person’s birth factors and the death by car accident.

If you would like to analysis your fate system or life spectrum to see whether or not you have the potential possibility involving into car accident, please go here.


Case 25C: The Birth Minute Made Him Death by Car Accident

Murnau, F. W. Male, Born on: 28 December 1888 at 07:00 am; True Solar time: 6:31 am.
The six pillars are:
10 Gods
Yi 乙
Ding 丁
Mao 卯
You   酉
The month branch Zi() is useless, but Zi supports stem Jia, The stem Jia can conquer the Guan(official) at year stem Wu();  the Major Pattern (MP) is Shang guan control the Guan;  The hour branch Mao() is the Shishen and shows on stem Yi() Yi wood generates the Ding (丁)fire Cai () The Minor Pattern (NP) is Shishang  generates Cai. The Shishang that represents the arts and entertainments is themajor power in the fate set. Therefore the career of master of the fate interested in art and entertainments.  He is the famous film director. 
Jisi (己巳) dayun (大运), Ji Sha combined with Jia of month stem and broke down the MP. 1931 Xinwei (辛未); The fleeting year Xin overlapped with the Xin at minute stem, and result in Wei () clash Chou () and release You () The You ()  lost control and clashed the Mao() of hour branch.  You destroy the Mao; therefore, the NP was broke.  The fleeting year Wei also harmed the Zi of month and year branch. The whole fate set collapse. He was killed  by car accident on 11 March 1931, age 42.
The above result shown that the Xin at minute stem is crucial in destroying the life patterns. In other word, the birth minute made him death by car accident.


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