Softlifelogy is the science of referring to a personal soft life including high or low of social status, rich or poor of wealth, happy or bitter of marriage, achievement or disaster of life, as well as social behavior of individual, etc. It was created and developed by Samuel S. Zhang, an American-Chinese scientist in 2005.

The Fundamental

When someone was  born, it doesn’t only record the birth time on the birth certificate, it also download the operation system from multidimensional space according to the multiverse theory in physics. In other words, there are different versions of you in parallel universe. The ten dimensional spaces were proved theoretically in physics and mathematics, called Calabi-Yau manifold. The parallel universe is hovering millimeters away from us. There is another person in the parallel world or multiverse, being the same person as in our universe. If so, what’s the relationship between them? Are the one in our universe being controlled by the one in the multiverse? How do they communicate with each other? That is still a big challenge for us to answer these questions with the current science. However, a new study has discovered that the structures in our brain could have up to eleven dimensions. This means the brain can communicate with other one in multiverse through multidimensional space-time. Still, what’s the code?

Fetch Information from Multidimensional Space of life

Fortunately, Chinese ancestors created the code thousands of years ago. They adopted five elements and ten celestial steams combining with twelve earthly branches and ten gods to set up an approach called four pillars of destiny or Bazi according to a person birth year, month, day and hour. According to the code, one could discover his or her life tracks such as the wealth, the achievements, the happiness or the accidents. The celestial stem represents space. The ten celestial stems correspond to the ten dimensional spaces; the twelve branches represent the time such as twelve hours, twelve months cycle and directions (north, south, east and west etc.). Ten spaces plus the time match the eleven dimensions exactly as defined in physics and math. With these codes, Chinese ancestors were able to fetch a person’s past, present and future of his/her auspicious or inauspicious status including disasters. In other word, they could communicate with the multidimensional spaces of life through a time tunnel.


There were three pillars of destiny before Tang dynasty (618-907). Xuzhong Li extended the three pillars (year, month, day) to four pillars (year, month, day, hour) and designated the year as a master before Song dynasty (960- 1279). Ziping Xu, one of the greatest philosophers in Song Dynasty changed the master from year to Day, and setup a pattern as the major theory, called Zi Ping Bazi theory until now.

Shortage of Bazi

Unfortunately, the four pillars of destiny or Bazi cannot be accepted or recognized by scientific fields and mainstream societies because the four pillars were short of uniqueness. The hour they used in four pillars of destiny, called Shichen, is 120 minutes. There were 25,997 people theoretically shared the same four pillars based on 7.3 billion people worldwide. In other word, four pillars of destiny described a group of people’s achievement or disaster instead of an individual person, although they survived thousand years of time tries. A lot of cases shown that there was different life tracking with the same four pillars.

Softlifelogy Solved the Issues

Softlifelogy (soft + life + logy), the author created and developed by extending four pillars to six pillars, can completely solve the above issues that lack uniqueness in four pillars of destiny ; The six pillars of destiny combing with birth place and name factor can specifically identify one person worldwide. Not only that, it’s easy to manipulate and more accurate in analyzing a personal complex fate system and fate spectrum comparing with old traditional four pillar  of destiny system.


Softlifelogy give you a life spectrum by screening your birth factor, such as birth time, birth place, and your name. It’s mainly focus on the disaster that possible happen in your life, for example, car accident, air plane crash, heart attack, stroke and all other caused death factors.

Basic Elements

The ten celestial stems

Jia Yi Bing Ding Wu Ji Geng Xin Ren Gui
Five Element Wood+ Wood- Fire+ Fire- Earth+ Earth- Metal+ Metal- Water+ Water-

The twelve branches

Jia Yi Bing Ding Wu Ji Geng Xin Ren Gui
Five Element Wood+ Wood- Fire+ Fire- Earth+ Earth- Metal+ Metal- Water+ Water-

The ten Gods

Chinese Name 正官 七杀 正印 偏印 比肩 劫财 食神 伤官 正财 偏财
Pronunciation Zhengguan Qisha Zhengyin Pianyin Bijian Jiecai Shishen Shangguan Zhengcai Piancai
Abbreviation 官Guan 杀Sha 印Yinn 枭Xiao 比Bi 劫Jie 食Shi 伤Shang 财Cai
Meaning Officer killer Resource Indirect Resouce Friend Brother Product Hurting officer Wealth Indirect wealth
Abbreviation G S Y X B J Sh Sg C Cp



Year Month Day Hour Quarter Minute
Name Dingyou Xinchou Yiwei Bingxu
Female Xinchou Jiawu Yiwei Yiyou Jiaxu Bingyin
Birthplace Yisi Yisi Yisi Guisi Xinsi Jisi