Softlifelogy can give a person whole life spectrum by screening the person’s birth factors. The life spectrum related to wealth, safety, marriage, career and much more.


Safety is related some disasters that happy suddenly without any sign. It could make you injury even death. Including:


  1. Car accident: If you have or not, If yes, When and how heavy?
  2. Traveling: Is it safe? Or something could happy when you travel.
  3. Aviation Disasters and Plan Crash: Before you going, just ask softlifelogy, is it safe?

Health issues:

  1. Heart Attack or stroke: you may or may not have any sign before it happy in your life.
  2. Injury: You may have some injury in your life.
  3. And more …


  1. Investment: Is it a right time to invest something? Start a business that make or lose money?
  2. The product: When you plan to develop a new product, it will make or lose money?
  3. Choose a CEO: the person is good for your business or not?
  4. Choose a partner: Is he/she can cooperate with you?
  5. Real estate: What is the best time to sell or buy, remove?
  6. And more …


  1. Marriage: Is she or he good for me? Is My marriage happy or bitter?
  2. Friend: Is he or she good friend for me?
  3. Partner: Is she or he a good partner for me?
  4. And more…


  1. Career:What’s kind of career I should choose?
  2. Career:When is my peak time of my career?
  3. And more…


  1. Political campaign: Mayor, Governor, or President…
  2. Sports: Can you win in your game?
  3. Promotion: When do you get promotion in your position of work?

Other questions you have?

You give us your birth time We give you a whole life